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A little bit of Everything 
5K  8K  10K  15K  13.1  25K

April- Hurt the Dirt Trail 10k
May- 5/3rd River Bank Run 25K
June-Zeeland Zoom 5k
July-Cherry Festival 15k
       Run for the Sun 5k
September-Park to Park 1/2 Marathon
November- Thanksgiving 8K
December- NYE Run Walk and Ramble 5k

My year of Running-2013


January-Frostbite Marathon Relay-I ran 8 Miles
February-Snow Melt Shuffle 5K
March-St. Patty's Day Pacer 5k
April-Town Crier 10K+5K
May-Tulip Time 5K + 5/3 10K + Girls on the Run 5K
June-Zeeland Zoom 5K
July-Cherry Festival 5K
August-GR Mudd Run
September- Park to Park 1/2 Marathon
October- GVSU Homecoming 5K + Glow Run 5K
November-GVSU Turkey Trot 5K
December- NYE Run, Walk and Ramble 5K

Runs From the Past ...

Cherry Festival-5k-1997=33.9

I did a few in between but must not have kept my running bibs for those years

Saugatuck Town Criar- 5K-2006=25.54

Cherry Festival-5k-2007=24:30

Cherry Festival-5k-2008

Fifth Third-5k- 2009

St. Patty's Pacer-5k 2010

Tulip Time-5k-2010=23:28

Fifth Third-10k-2010=52.41

Cherry Festival-5k-2010=21:23


Pumpkin Festival-5k-2010=23

St. Patty's Pacer-2011-5k=23:48

Tulip Time-5k-2011=22:35

Zeeland Zoom-5k-2011=22:41

Cherry Festival-5k-2011=23:30

Pumpkin Festival-5k-2011=21:45

Turkey Trot GVSU-5k-2011=22:50

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