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Friday, September 1, 2017

So Hows the Lydiard Method/Foundation Going ?


So Training is going well so far. I am not going to say that have been sticking to the plan 100%. I have definitely slowed down in the foundation portion of the plan which hasn't been too bad, learning to make some runs truly easy/recovery is a good thing and has allowed me more miles in a week. The Saturday long run I usually go further then what the plan suggests. I am not trying to do this on purpose it just kind of happens with the group that I run with on Saturday Mornings. We get to running and talking and the next thing you know 13 miles. 

Lets Chat for a moment about part of the plan that is a little different for me "The Hill Set"  I can't really explain it without the videos so here they are for your enjoyment. I want to know what you think.

Hill Set
1. Spring up the hill
2. Jog until recovered at the top
3. Stride down fast but in control

Important Points- From the Lydiard Training Plan

Proceed cautiously as these drills are very demanding on your legs. If you are not used to this kind of exercise proceed slowly by doing just one hill bound on the last hill initially.

On your first session always do one hill set only or about 20-minutes. Add one hill each session until you reach a maximum of 4 or total duration of about an hour. Make sure that you include a good warm-up and cool-down on the top of the suggested time duration.

Don't concentrate on the number of repeats; do as many repeats as the time allows. On your first session, it may be just one uphill in 20-minutes but that's okay. Add one hill each session until you reach 3 or 4; or total time of about an hour.

Hill springing and bounding are forms of plyometric exercise; therefore, the slower you go up, the more resistance will be felt and obtain better results. On the downhill learn to use gravity efficiently by increasing your leg turnover while keeping your chest forward. 
Relaxation is key here.

So What do you think ?


This is not a sponsored post. 
All opinions are my own 

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