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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Holland Haven Marathon-Race Recap

Sunday September 10, 2017

First Let me just start by saying we could not have had a better day for running. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Cool and comfortable all morning. This was my sisters first Marathon and my 10th 1/2 Marathon. We LOVE local runs/races so we were super excited to be participating in this event for the first time this year.

This was in the Last Mile over the Bridge and too the Finish !!! 
Yes Mile 13 was a 7:00 min Mile. I don't even know how that happened

The Finish !!!! Deb and I Finished together. 
We ran the entire race together chatting and enjoying the route. 
I had such good company I completely forgot about about the pace.

Post Race Selfie !!

The Cheering Squad/Biker Gang
I have the Best FRIENDS!!!!
Jessica Jumped in at Mile 11 to help pace me to the finish and 
Whitney tracked us on her bike making sure we were well taken care of 
with water and snacks.  

Are you sure this was me ?!? 
I am so happy with how this race went :) 
Training - Run4Prs and the Lydiard Foundation

Race Bling 

Following the 1/2 Marathon we all jumped on our bikes 
and went to find Sara running the Marathon. 
Yep All of Us... Myself, Chris, Jessica & Carl, Whitney & Brandon
Sara had her very own mobile cheering squad !!!! 

The Last Mile !!! Run Brag... she passed a lot of people in those last two miles. 
Pretty sure she was ready to be done with running 
and lets be honest her cheering squad helped as well. :) 

Showing off our race hardware !! 
We both met our running goals at the Holland Haven
Me: Sub 1:40 in the 1/2
Sara: Sub 4:00 for her 1st Marathon

So how did we like the Holland Haven over all!!  We Loved it. The Race was very organized and very spectator friendly. There were plenty of aid stations, water and restrooms on the route, and all the stations were super friendly. We will for sure be adding this one to our list or races to run again. 

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