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Friday, July 21, 2017

Run for the Sun 5k

Wednesday July 19- Camp Sunshine 7th Annual Run for the Sun 5K 

The Past few years we have encouraged our High School Cross Country Runners to participate in the Run for the Sun 5k.  The Proceeds from this event benefit a great cause and on Wednesday nights we have an optional run for them anyways so we figure might as well get them in a 5k :) The past few years that I have participated in the event it has always been HOT outside. True MI July weather... and it was HOT.  Not really a PR run but a Run for Fun or for Tempo. I ran a little bit faster then what I had planned on....  got caught up in the pace of how fast a few of the XC girls went out so I just rolled with it. 

Check out some PICTURES From the Event !!!


 Team Triumph Lining up at the Start

Katie and her Friend Pushing a Team Triumph Participant,
you could tell they were all having fun being pushed fast in this 5K

Megan ROCKING it out towards the Finish
(Speedy Lady, Fantastic Friend)  

Sara PUSHING to the FINISH line 
(My Sister is AWESOME, also TOUGH)

Not sure how someone caught this smiling picture haha
pretty sure it was so HOT I felt like my face was on fire

 T-shirts and Numbers :) 

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