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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Recaps, Weekends, Training

Good Morning Friends, 

I hope that you had a Fantastic Holiday week last week. I know I enjoyed some time off from work for camping and running and a bachelorette party, ALL FUN THINGS !!!!!  First things First recent races and recaps !!! So here we Go.

Zeeland Zoom Recap- Tuesday June 27 at 7:00 in the Evening. THANK GOODNESS it wasn't such a HOT day.  With our streak of weather in the 90's it was a great 70 degree day which made running much better. I was going for a PR !!! I had spent the last 3 week working on leg turnover and some speed. I really wanted to be in the 20's. I went out Fast and Furious and ended up with a 20:31 which was good enough for 1st in my age group and 4th Female overall. I was SUPER pleased with my 6:37 Pace. My sister.. that little speedy lady pulled out another PR as well running a 19:38. GOALS.. right ? I am going to have work on keeping up with her.

One of the best parts of the Zeeland Zoom is that so many friends and family come out to RUN. This year we got my Grandpa and my Dad out there running. :) Grandpa Rocked a 32 min 5k at 77 years young. How awesome is that!!! My friend Jamie ran with her kiddos and two of her boys finished their first 5k as well as her Mom who completed her first 5k.  The Zeeland Zoom just has this awesome feeling of community surrounding it.

Michigan RTS Recap- Saturday July 8 at 8:30 in the Morning. Last year was the first year I ran the MI RTS. Normally we are up north in Traverse City doing one of the Cherry Festival Races but that hasn't worked out the past few years. The MI RTS is and EXCELLENT substitute.. I think I like it even better then the Cherry Festival races now. The RTS is a Challenge you start on the road basically the corner of 66th and 147th out in Laketown.  Your Run out on the Road and then, take a right towards the lake and you are off into the trails which turns into the beach and then turns into a giant sand dune that you have to climb, then back into the trails and to the road for your finish. It is not a PR 10k it is a push your boundaries, burning calves, heart pumping out of your chest 10k. All that being said I LOVE this 10k. It is different, it is and adventure, a challenge, and fun.


A New Training Method that I am using for the Holland Haven 1/2 Marathon- I am excited to try out a new training method. Most of the training that I do, I come up with my self using my experience and stuff I read in Runners World magazine or research online. Gazelle Sports is using the Lydiard Method of training for their run camp this summer and I thought.. Hum.. I want to try that. So I signed up. They suggest that you use a 5k for the program to calculate your training b/c that is close to your V02 Max. When I first Looked at the training I was like oh man this is SLOW... the trick is SLOW DOWN to GET FASTER !!!  See Training Pyramid below.

I will keep you updated with how things are going using this training Method. I am excited !!! I exported it to Excel here is little snapshot of what it looks like. 

Discount Code for Holland Haven =HHM2017LOVE

Links to Training Program:

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