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Monday, May 1, 2017

Running Nutrition

Lets Chat !! 

Race Fueling. This can be kind of Tricky to figure out sometimes. What to eat when to eat, how much to eat. You can google this topic and there is a ton of information. So I wanted to ask some runners. What are your Fueling Strategies ? With 5/3 Riverbank Run coming up, maybe a spring marathon we need to practice fueling during our long runs so that we can stay strong and feel good.

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Here is what some fellow runners had to say !!!

Sara Helder For before races or training run I try to easy very simples carbs because that's the only that stays in my stomach well. My favorite is timbits lol little sugar kick to get going. During races or long runs I like GU or Jelly Belly sports beans for some sugar and caffeine. For recovery I find that restock my protein through peanut butter, hard-boiled and eggs are my favorites then of course nuts. I have been trying to drink more and more water during the day because it getting warmer and my bodies needs the hydration. We Michiganders are not quite used to the warmth yet! : P just my few things fueling things : )

Mary Hunter I'm training for the River Bank Run 25k and the Bayshore Marathon. During my long runs, I've been fueling similar to how I would fuel on race day. During a 25k race, I fuel with GU and I usually consume 3 packets. One at mile 4, one at mile 8, and the last one at mile 12. Sometimes I carry an extra GU, just in case. During a marathon, I carry 4 GU packets. I consume them at mile 5, 10, 15, and 20. Lately, I've been training with a GU flask, which allows you to carry 5 GUs with you, minus the sticky wrappers. It is lightweight and weighs about 5oz. It gets lighter the more GU you consume and folds up to a very small size when it is empty. I've been diluting my GUs with water in the flask so I don't have to think about carrying extra fluids with me. It's been working out pretty well so far but I haven't raced with the GU flask yet. I've also been drinking Nuun and Nuun Plus for hydration and electrolytes. The Nuun Plus is like rocket fuel and makes me feel amazing! I highly recommend it. My biggest advice for race day nutrition is to not try something new the day of the race and don't always trust the nutrition that is provided on the course. Always come prepared with the nutrition you are most familiar with.

Megan Lambers Everyone tolerates food and nutrition differently. You need to experiment and figure out what works for you- it's the fun part! It is a good idea to try and stick to a pre-long run/race routine that works for you and keep it consistent. Making sure your "breakfast" or pre race food is eaten a good 2-3 hours beforehand. I personally use nutrition 15 min before and then every 4-5 miles or 30-45 minutes along the way. "Nutrition" includes Gatorade, any GU, beans, chews or any other food. Gels especially should be taken with water. I work at Gazelle tomorrow from 10-2:30. If any of you come in at 10 I will most likely be available and not busy if you wanna chat more!!!!

Victoria Phillippi - on Fueling during Long Runs - carboloading and fueling before/during runs 

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