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Monday, February 27, 2017

Feeling Excited and Blessed

Good Morning, 

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend. So many FUN things going on right now. My sister in Law is engaged and planning a wedding for July, Girls on the Run is starting up soon, Spring race training is in full swing, and I had my official kick off meeting for the Gazelle sports activator program. 

So first SIL wedding planning :) so far she said YES to the Dress has her venue and planning the details. Colors are Navy blue and grey !! I am so happy for her. She is going to be a beautiful bride. 

Girls on the RUN !!! well this is just FUN!! I cant wait to hang out with the girls on Mon/Wed this season. I love hearing their stories after school and just being around all their energy, it is so much fun. 

Gazelle Sports Activator program. This is NEW for me and I am so honored to have been chosen as 1 or 10 activators for the Holland Store out of 401 applicants. I am super excited for this opportunity to share my passion for MOVEMENT!!! More to come on this. I can wait to host some fun giveaways and share some great discounts on races and events. #gazellesports #movementmatters #activator2017
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Strava Lululemon 40|80 Run Challenge (whoops forgot to post this)

I am Pretty excited about this !!!!! I joined the Lululemon 40|80 Challenge on Strava and to be honest I really did not pay attention to what you were supposed to do for the challenge so when I received a congratulation email from Strave/Lulumenon telling me about my prize I was SUPER excited. I called the Lululemon store just to make sure they were honoring the the Strava Challenge and they were. So Saturday I made was out the GR to pick up my new outfit. I am sure Travis is just excited that I won the outfit instead of spending more $ on fitness apparel. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

2017 Gazelle Sports Activator

I cant wait to share more details on being a 2017 Gazelle Sports Activator(Ambassador) basically I get to share my LOVE or running and Fitness with MORE people :) I am Super Excited !!! 

More to Come !!!

Frostbite Marathon Relay w/ Friends

The Frostbite Marathon Relay did not disappoint. We had a lot of fun participating in this event again this year.  Our team was down 1 Person b/c they had their baby the day before but we managed just fine. 

I kind of feel bad that we did not get any pictures with the boys :( they some how managed to sneak away from me HAHA !!!  

The course was the same as what it has been for years now, so we pretty much knew where we were going and we were not too sad that it wasn't actually frostbite temperatures this year.