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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Baby its COLD outside !!!

Winter is Here
It is that time of year !!! Time to talk about cold weather running and cold weather running gear. Because you can run and train through the winter if you are dressed appropriately.

Here is some of my Go to outdoor running pieces

Buff- Headbands and Neck Warmers. If it is really Cold I wear one of each, Most of the ones that I have at home are from either Gazelle Sports or Amazon. I have few of them b/c honestly I feel like i have to wash them after wearing them in the winter they can get kind of gross from the snow and sweat and snot ... sorry I know gross.

Nike Shield Pants
These are actually NEW for me and I am super excited about them

My Current Go To running tights are Under Amour Cold Gear, that I have actually had since High School so they do LAST

Nike Dry Element Running tops- They will keep you Dry and Warm while winter running or doing other stuff outdoors like Cross Country Skiing or Snow Shoeing. I have like 4 of these now and I LOVE them. I usually wait for them to go on sale at the end of season and try to get a good deal on them.
You can find them at: - LEGEND25 right now will get you 25% off on the website and if you are a nike+ app user you can get FREE shipping
Gazelle Sports- Check out in store sales going on now
Nordstroms - Watch the Sales Here

Smart Wool Socks- I am kind of obsessed with them, I wear them for running and pretty much all the time. I primary get them from Gazelle Sports or the Outpost in Holland depends who has them on sale. I have thick ones and thin ones, sometimes if it is really cold I will double them up. Theses socks or great with moisture control and they DON'T stink !!! For Real I throw them in my gym bag and they don't make it all stinky.

Hand Warmers-Yep sometime it is that COLD and you just need to bust out the hand warmers, I keep a stash of them in my running box at home for REAL cold days. I usually pick them up on Sale at MC Sports. 

Glove/Mittens- I have a few different pairs of these depending on how cold it is. My go to if it is not super cold out is just the $3 knit gloves from Target. I have LOTS them, they are cheap and I don't feel bad if I loose one or just can find one. They also make good a liner for mittens if it is really COLD outside. For very Cold and windy days I have a Pair of Brooks Running Gloves/Mittens or a pair of Lululemon Glove/mittens. The Brooks ones are neon Yellow and the Lulu's are Reflective I like them both very much. I am kind of obsessed with reflective stuff right now so that is how I ended up with the reflective lulu ones. I actually WON the Brooks glove at a Gazelle Sports Event. 

Darkness- The winter season brings shorter days with less light so running safety is also a concern. Reflective clothing and lights are great for the winter season. Some of my favorites are BSeen - slap bracelets, and they can be seen from a long ways away. Noxgear 360 vest, this thing is awesome and super fun!! I have one and got one for my sister for Christmas, when we were running the NYE 5k downtown Holland we got lots of comments on how fun they were. Check out my sisters super Reflective outfit down below OMG!!! The Jacket is from Zakti however you can only shop at the store in Grandville mall b/c it is European and they do not appear to ship to the US. Pants are from Amazon, we literally just typed Reflective Running Pants and they were the first pair to show up in the search :)

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