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Monday, June 19, 2017

GOTR 5K Celebration

Girls on the Run Celebration 5K 

Ottawa and Allegan County had their Girls on the Run Celebration 5k on June 3&4 this year. I had the privilege of getting both groups warmed up and GROOVING to "The Walker" by Fitz & the Tantrums.  It was so much fun to get people moving and see all the smiles and dancing pre-race. 

Some how every year it seems that the 5k is on the hottest day of the start of summer and this year was no exception. It was toasty warm out !!! The Race this year took place at Coopersville High School and ran around the school campus. I am so PROUD of how my entire did. They ROCKED their 5k, they stayed positive and ran hard.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bayshore Recap

A little late but oh well.... Memorial Day weekend was the they Bayshore Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K. This year My Sister, Travis, and Myself all did the 1/2 and my Dad did the 10K. It was a great morning for running the temp was very comfortable maybe a little warm as you were finishing up but GREAT overall.  

I Love this course... well maybe not the Hill at the start of the 1/2 but over all I Love this course if runs along the bay all the way back into town for the finish. It is hard to not stop and take scenery pictures or selfies along the course b/c it is so pretty. 

As far as 1/2 Marathons.. Well I didn't hit my goal of going sub 1:40 but I Felt Great !!! I conserved at the beginning and was able to drop my pace for the last few miles and finish with a 1:42:47 . 

Seaway Run 2017-Check it out !!!

Good Morning, 

Featured Race. This is another NEW one. I have never done this race but I LOVE that is runs along the lake shore. I feel like if you live in West MI in the Summer you might as well take advantage of being so close to the lake and enjoy the views.  Still trying to decide which event I want to sign up for the 15k or the 1/2 Marathon both sound AWESOME !!! 

Seaway Run & Lake MI 1/2 Marathon - 
Coupon Code = MoveMI2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Marathon- > Holland Haven

Holland Haven 8K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon -
Coupon Code = HHM2017LOVE

I am always on the look out for fun local races/runs. I have not done this one YET!! but I have been hearing GREAT things about it. My sister and Her friend are signed up for the Full Marathon, they also have am 8k and 1/2 Marathon. I haven't decided what distance I want to sign up for yet. Kind of want to do another Marathon but also want to cheer on my sister for her first Marathon :) 

INFO: Sept 10 2017
The Holland Haven Marathon is a unique event which traverses the shores of Lake Michigan. Runners will experience the beautiful lake shore as they travel from Grand Haven to Holland.
The Holland Haven 8 kilometer race is a flat route, out-and-back course.  As a mid-distance road race, it is accessible enough for the novice runner yet incredibly challenging to experienced racers.
The full marathon starts at Rosy Mound Elementary School in Grand Haven and ends at CrossFit Soaring Ledge at 76 S River Ave in Holland. The marathon begins at 7:30AM.
The half marathon starts at Camp Geneva located at 17000 Quincy, 49424 in Holland and finishes at CrossFit Soaring Ledge at 76 S River Ave in Holland. The half marathon begins at 8:00AM.

The Holland Haven 8K starts and ends at CrossFit Soaring Ledge at 76 S River Ave in Holland. The 8K begins at 8:30AM.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Good Read and Medal Monday

Good Read

I have been reading Tina Muir's Blog for a while now. I found her on Instagram originally and then started following her running carer via her blog and also facebook. I love her down to earth approach and REALNESS. You can find the link to her latest post below.
"I remind people time and time again that those moments we are being tested, those moments where you are about to give up, to say, “screw this”, are the moments that define your future."

Medal Monday

Saturday was 40th year of the 5/3 River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. We rocked the 25k(15.5miles) for your fourth year in a row !!! It was a great day for running the weather was great and the crowd support was awesome. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

5/3 Riverbank Run week and a GIVE AWAY

It is that time of year again. READY  !!! The 40th Annual 5/3 Riverbank run takes place this coming Saturday May 13, 2017.  I have tried all the events at the 5/3... 5K, 10K and this year will be my 4th 25K. I am excited for this run !! Hoping for nice weather and NO rain. 



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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

All about GIRLS

Gazelle Girl 2017

I am on a Runners HIGH right now. Getting to pace at the Gazelle Girl has been a highlight of my spring so far. I LOVE sharing "RUN LOVE" !!! Since I first ran the Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 3 Years ago. I have been EMPOWERED by all the STRONG women out their running. They all have different goals and race paces but it doesn't matter b/c everyone out their is supporting each other.  

Girls on the Run 2017

This Spring I have had the privilege of hanging out with 17 3rd-5th grades who are participating in Girls on the Run. I LOVE this program. It is all about empowering young women, helping them learn how to handle tough situations, deal with emotions, family and friends.  Showing them that they are strong by training them for their CELEBRATION 5k at the end of season.  

What do Gazelle Girls and GOTR Girls have in common? Well many of things we learn/teach in GOTR can be used for the rest of our lives. Communication, dealing with tough situations, training to run. These things just get harder as we get older. As a GOTR coach it is my hope that someday they will all be STRONG Gazelle Girls !!! Maybe even running 1/2 Marathons and Marathons :) 

Fellow Flowers

Ok just 1 more thing. Maybe you are Familiar with Fellow Flowers? Maybe Not. It is there Goal to EMPOWER women. Particularly women that run. They have very kindly shared a Coupon Code for %25 off your next order :)  Head on over and check out their website today. Flowers make a great gift for Runner friends or a great accessory for running groups. 

Want to learn More !!!
Check out these links

Girls on the Run-Ottawa/Allegan County

Volunteer at the Celebration 5k

Fellow Flowers 
Discount Code: Melissa_GOTRFD

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Running Nutrition

Lets Chat !! 

Race Fueling. This can be kind of Tricky to figure out sometimes. What to eat when to eat, how much to eat. You can google this topic and there is a ton of information. So I wanted to ask some runners. What are your Fueling Strategies ? With 5/3 Riverbank Run coming up, maybe a spring marathon we need to practice fueling during our long runs so that we can stay strong and feel good.

Find the the Facebook Conversation Here ->

Here is what some fellow runners had to say !!!

Sara Helder For before races or training run I try to easy very simples carbs because that's the only that stays in my stomach well. My favorite is timbits lol little sugar kick to get going. During races or long runs I like GU or Jelly Belly sports beans for some sugar and caffeine. For recovery I find that restock my protein through peanut butter, hard-boiled and eggs are my favorites then of course nuts. I have been trying to drink more and more water during the day because it getting warmer and my bodies needs the hydration. We Michiganders are not quite used to the warmth yet! : P just my few things fueling things : )

Mary Hunter I'm training for the River Bank Run 25k and the Bayshore Marathon. During my long runs, I've been fueling similar to how I would fuel on race day. During a 25k race, I fuel with GU and I usually consume 3 packets. One at mile 4, one at mile 8, and the last one at mile 12. Sometimes I carry an extra GU, just in case. During a marathon, I carry 4 GU packets. I consume them at mile 5, 10, 15, and 20. Lately, I've been training with a GU flask, which allows you to carry 5 GUs with you, minus the sticky wrappers. It is lightweight and weighs about 5oz. It gets lighter the more GU you consume and folds up to a very small size when it is empty. I've been diluting my GUs with water in the flask so I don't have to think about carrying extra fluids with me. It's been working out pretty well so far but I haven't raced with the GU flask yet. I've also been drinking Nuun and Nuun Plus for hydration and electrolytes. The Nuun Plus is like rocket fuel and makes me feel amazing! I highly recommend it. My biggest advice for race day nutrition is to not try something new the day of the race and don't always trust the nutrition that is provided on the course. Always come prepared with the nutrition you are most familiar with.

Megan Lambers Everyone tolerates food and nutrition differently. You need to experiment and figure out what works for you- it's the fun part! It is a good idea to try and stick to a pre-long run/race routine that works for you and keep it consistent. Making sure your "breakfast" or pre race food is eaten a good 2-3 hours beforehand. I personally use nutrition 15 min before and then every 4-5 miles or 30-45 minutes along the way. "Nutrition" includes Gatorade, any GU, beans, chews or any other food. Gels especially should be taken with water. I work at Gazelle tomorrow from 10-2:30. If any of you come in at 10 I will most likely be available and not busy if you wanna chat more!!!!

Victoria Phillippi - on Fueling during Long Runs - carboloading and fueling before/during runs 

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's a New Week :)

Here we Go !!! it is Monday AGAIN... 

I am ready to kick off a better week of training. Last week just felt off all week. I felt tired and Slow and just had NO energy. So I am hoping to Rock this week. I know one thing that will help for sure will be cleaner eating this week :/ the past couple of weeks have been a little out of control and I need to reign in on the sweets and treats. (don't we all ) 

I am super excited that this year I have the opportunity to Pace at the Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon. I am bummed for the other pacer who had to drop out b/c of a stress fracture but thrilled with the opportunity to help other RUNNER FRIENDS reach their Goals this year at the event.

This Past Saturday Gazelle Girl had a Course Preview run and that was super fun, it was great to meet the other ladies that I would be pacing with and talk strategy and how we would support our 8:30 Crew. 

Gazelle Sports Product Review- Patagonia Light Weight Synchille Sweatshirt.

I am kind of Obsessed with Smart Wool Socks !! So when they Go on Sale I AM THERE

Looking for Run this weekend, Check out the Run the Mill 5k In holland
->Run the Mill 5K
->Events Calendar->

Friday, April 7, 2017

The LIST !!!!!

Good Morning,

This is Not a Fancy LIST!! But it is a list of upcoming local Running Events ! and SINCE I LOVE Running I wanted to share them with you.

Coupon Codes Coming Soon!!


Run The Mill-

Gazelle Girl-

Hearts in Motion-

Beer Flight Series -


Tulip Time-

5/3 River bank Run-


Sames Wild Run-

Town Crier Race-

New Holland Pub Run-

Zeeland Zoom 5k-

Seaway Run & Lake MI 1/2 Marathon -


Coupon Code -> MSRTS17
Lake MI RTS-

Camp Sunshine 5k-


Run the Woods

Park to Park
Holland Haven



Zeeland Turkey Trot


NYE run walk ramble

Friday, March 31, 2017

Gazelle Sports Weekend Giveaway 3/31/17-4/3/17

I am super Excited about this Giveaway. 

I have no issues using a gift card to Gazelle Sports so I am super excited to have the opportunity to Give 1 away along with a water bottle and $5 coupon. 

You will get 1 Entry per Item listed below in the Rafflecopter giveaway. The Winner will be announced on Tuesday after the giveaway ends. Giveaway Runs from Friday 3/31/2017-Monday 4/3/2017.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017


What topics do you want to see on the blog ? 

More Running ? 

Please Leave a Comment 

Gazelle Events

Upcoming Gazelle Events !!!!!

    • 4/15/2017
    • Windmill Island, Holland
      • 5K fun run that will kick off the season and celebrate the restoration of the DeZwaan Windmill.
      • The course takes you around the island itself and then heads out into the Window on the Waterfront before coming back to the island.
      • Not up to a 5k? Do the 1 mile walk around the island at 10:00.
      • Enjoy cookies made from flour ground at the mill afterwards and stick around for opening day of Windmill Island!

    • 4/23/2017
    • Calder Plaza on Ottawa Avenue, Grand Rapids
      • At Gazelle Sports we actively pursue, encourage and celebrate a healthy lifestyle. We have a vision to change West Michigan by making it the healthiest region in the country.  In 2016 over 3,500 women came together to run the streets of Grand Rapids. Over 700 women ran the half marathon or the 5k distance for the first time.
      • Gazelle Sports is hosting this event:
  • To honor women
  • To actively encourage new runners to participate in the sport
  • To build relationships
  • Because women’s health impacts family health
  • To enhance partnerships within the community
  • To raise money for women’s charities
  • To HAVE FUN!!

    • 4/20/2017
    • Compassionate Heart Ministry, Zeeland
      • Compassionate Heart Ministries exist out of a desire to offer friendship, fellowship and Love to youth and young adults with disabilities and their families.
      • We offer a place of safety for these individuals, ages 14-35, to socialize with their peers & gain encouragement from loving mentors.
      • Funds from this run in Zeeland go to help these families.
    • 5/6/2017
    • Downtown Holland, Holland
      • The Tulip Time Run offers a Kids' Fun Run, 5K and 10K. All runs will start and end at the corner of Kollen Park Dr. and 12th Street.
      • Immediately following the race, stop by for a runner's recovery snack in the hospitality tent and then head to Boatwerks Restaurant for the After Party!

    • 6/10/2017
    • Macatawa Greenway System - Ridgepoint Church
      • Kids ages 4-13 will maneuver obstacles designed by local companies and will be able to vote for their favorite obstacle at the end of the run. All proceeds go to support youth programming at Good Samaritan Ministries that work to end the cycle of generational poverty.
    • 6/17/2017
    • Coral Gables - Saugatuck
      • This 10K 5K race is an outstanding competitive event for runners from all over the midwest. Each year the course changes and becomes more challenging. There is also a 1K Crier Kids dash for very young children where everyone gets a ribbon.
      • The goal of the event is to provide health, exercise and fun for all participants in "the great art doors" and to support various local organizations.

    • 6/24/2017
    • YMCA, Muskegon
      • The Mercy Health Seaway Run has been a tradition in Muskegon for over three decades!  
      • Join us this year for the Lake Michigan Half Marathon and our traditional 15k out to the beach and back along the Lakeshore Recreational Trail; or try our 5K and Community Fun Walk course, winding through historic neighborhoods with views of beautiful Muskegon Lake.  
      • From a fun walk to a challenging half marathon course, the Mercy Health Seaway Run has an event for everyone!  
      • All courses are barrier free and accessible to those with physical challenges, and volunteers will be available for assistance on race day.
    • 7/8/2017
    • 4686 66th St., Holland
      • The Lake Michigan RTS combines Road, Trail, and Sand to provide a truly unique 10K experience along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Whether you’re a road racer looking to mix things up a bit, an avid trail runner, or just a glutton for punishment, this course has something for you.
      • Your course begins on the rural roads of Laketown Township, making its way to a wooded trail. You will wind your way up, down, and around the woods that separate the road from the Lake Michigan until you feel the ground beneath you transition from dirt to sand. You will begin to make your way up and then down the Lake Michigan coast until you arrive at the giant double bowl dune. The reward for successfully climbing this beast is a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan, so be sure to turn around and take in the majesty of this Great Lake! Once you’ve caught your breath, it’s time to head straight back down the backside of the dune, back through the woods, and along the road back to the start.
      • **All proceeds of this event go to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Foundation