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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Staying on Track while on Vacation

Hey Girls My Name is Melissa and I LOVE Running, I am an Assistant High School Cross Country Coach, Girls on the Run Coach and Part time Fitness Instructor. I have Run a ton of 5ks, 10k's, a 15k, a number of 1/2 Marathons, the 5/3 River Bank Run a few times, and 1 Marathon so far. Last Year 2015 was my first Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon and I LOVED it. I also recently wrote this post about Motivation, you can Find it here  Monday Motivation on the Gazelle Girl Blog. Keep Checking into to the Gazelle Girl blog for Inspiration, Training Tips, and all things Gazelle Girl. 

Today I want to talk you about staying on track with going on vacation. I wanted to share my tips with you because even when I go on vacation still get a run in. Don't get me wrong vacation is a great time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, but is also a great opportunity to explore new places and see new things. On almost all of my vacations I have always managed to still get in a few runs. When in Mexico they had a gym that I could use or I would run around the resort, in Maui I would run along the ocean because seriously how often does that happen. When I visit my Grand Parents in Florida every Year I absolutely Love Running the beaches in the Morning when the sun is coming up.

Here are my Tips for Staying on track while on Vacation 
  • Pick a Resort/Hotel that has a Fitness Center 
  • Pick a Resort/Hotel that has paths for walking/running 
  • Look for nearby trails and adventures that you can go on while you are on vacation
  • In your training Schedule Plan for Vacation, make it a lighter running week so that you can go on runs that are for fun and adventure 
  • Look for a Race while you are there
    • I usually look for 5k's because they are short and sweet and bonus if they come with a fun t-shirt from your vacation destination, now you have something cool to tell your friends about
  • If you are going someplace warm, plan your run for the morning when it is cooler and less busy.
    • If you have kids with you this will give you some great alone time. 
    • It will also give you a chance to see some beautiful sunrises, take a picture and #gazellegirl share your adventure with other like minded runners 
  • Remember you are on Vacation, these runs should be fun and enjoyable not about paces, and tempos, and hills all though if you find a great hill while you are out there might as well dominate it :) !!
  • If you are going someplace where you do not feel comfortable running outside,  For example: Las Vegas we went there a couple of years ago and I did not feel comfortable running on my own even early in the morning. 
    • Find a running buddy if you are going with friends 
    • Use the Gym at your Hotel, most of time Hotels have Gyms you just have to look for them
Have FUN !!! on your Vacation Runs !! #Gazellegirl 

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