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Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Wonderings

Greetings Friends, 

I hope that you had a Fantastic weekend. I Tried a new Coffee Place !! LOVED IT Simpatico Coffee it was so Smooth ... Definitely going back there sometime soon. Check out there facebook page

Snuggled with my Puppy Love. She thinks she can just lay on top of me and cuddle. All 70lbs of her furry self. haha 


This weekend marked my Second annual IF:Local gathering. <--learn a="" about="" and="" are="" bad="" because="" before="" but="" comfort="" content="" font="" from="" gathering="" get="" going="" i="" if:="" is="" know="" link.="" little="" me="" more="" my="" nbsp="" not="" of="" outside="" put="" questions="" some="" that="" the="" thing.="" to="" uneasy="" zone="">

To Prepare for a day of digging deep in Faith and Christ I started my Saturday with a Nice 10 Mile Run. Running with Friends is the best and I NEED it. Then I was off to the Gathering which took place at Immanual Church in Holland. It was a Great day .. If I went into all the details I would end up writing a book. So I will share some of the Social Images from the weekend and that should give a pretty clear picture of all the good stuff. 

Sunday Morning Processing !! 

Sunday Morning Rolled around, and my Mind was still doing some serious Processing!! There was so much good stuff to take in. I just had to sit and think ... so Coffee, Journals, Devotions and a Fitness Magazine were how I spent a Good chunk of Sunday Morning before church. 

Link to more IF: Gathering Information 

I hope that you had a great weekend !!! 

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