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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Staying Motivated

Gazelle Girl Guest Blogger Post!!! 

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Gazelle Girl Half Marathon Blog

This was the original which just has a few more pictures!!! 

Hey Girls My Name is Melissa and I LOVE Running, I am an Assistant High School Cross Country Coach, Girls on the Run Coach and Part time Fitness Instructor. I have Run a ton of 5ks, 10k's, a 15k, a number of 1/2 Marathons, the 5/3 River Bank Run a few times, and 1 Marathon so far. Last Year 2015 was my first Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon and I LOVED it. 


 I want to to talk to you about staying Motivated !!! We have busy Lives with Family, Work, Friends, and maybe some volunteering. Our days can fly by in the blink of and eye and we loose track of time. But we also have Goals!!! or maybe a Bucket list :) Things we want to accomplish whether that be your first 5k or 1/2 Marathon or hitting a new PR in a race. With some many ways to stay busy how do we stay motivated to RUN or HIT our running goals.  

Here are my Top ways to stay motivated. 

  • Find A Running Group
    • I have a group the always runs on Saturday Morning for their Long run so even though when I want to sleep in Saturday Morning I know they are going to be there

  • Find a Go to Running Girl Friend 

    • Finding someone that you can just run and chat with will make running more enjoyable, not all runs are long or hard so finding a friend that can consistency go with you will help you get out the door and enjoy your run
    • I have give a big shout out to my sister the best running buddy I have and we are stuck with each other :) Love  Ya

  • Sign up for a race or a few races 

    • To stay motivated through the winter I sign up for a few spring races that way I have something to train towards. 
    • I also look for races in fun places, Like I am going to visit my Grand Parents in Florida at the end of February and I found a Coconut 5K to do down there while I am vising. Run on Vacation ? YES who wouldn't want to run along the beach and ocean. 
  • Follow a runner the inspires you on Instagram 
    • I follow a few different runners and bloggers on Instagram that Inspire and motivate me. Seeing their workouts and pictures just helps me keep going. 
  • Get a Running Plan made for you by a Coach
    • I just got my first personalize running plan made just for me with workouts at my paces and for the days that I run. It feels good to know that your workouts are all for purpose and will help you hit your goals. 

I asked a Few of my Runner Friends to help me with this post and share what motives them. 

  • Energy, feeling better, weight, being able to hit goals to go faster and longer- Jaime
  • What keeps me motivated to run is signing up for 5ks and having my friends signing up with me. I have never been a runner but once I was successful at running my first mile without stopping it made me motivated to try and run another and another. Also, a great playlist helps motivate me to run! - Becky
  • Energy and the energized feeling after a really good run; time with friends; health physically and spiritual and emotional renewal and revitalization; seeing and experiencing creation in ways only possible on foot- Virginia
  • I always keep some sort of goal in mind. A certain pace, distance, or race. Challenging myself keeps me motivated. I would also add that resting and not overdoing it keeps me motivated because I am less likely to burn out. After a few days of active rest (walking, yoga, etc) I end up looking forward to the next time I can get out and run.- Megan
  • The runners high afterwards always makes me feel great. I am also competitive and I love seeing the improvements I am making. And signing up for races is a good way to make sure I keep going and challenging myself.-Whitney
  • The best motivation is races! Runners are a very inclusive group and no one cares how fast you run except yourself. The feeling you have after finishing a race is unbeatable.-Susan
  • I feel great after! Helps my anxiety. It allows this mama time to her self  
    And if you run with a friend it becomes girl time.-Dana
  • No matter how hard it is to get out there (too early, too late, too cold, too hot...), you're never sorry later that you did it!-Jennifer

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