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Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey Trot Race Recaps

GVSU-Turkey Trot 5k - Saturday November 21 2015

What Crazy weather we get here in Michigan haha. Last week Saturday we ran the GVSU Running club Turkey Trot 5k and it was snowing. This week at the Zeeland 8k Turkey Trot is was raining and 50 degrees outside.

Sara and I have been running the GVSU Turkey Trot since it started 5 Years ago. At the time there were no Thanks Giving Turkey Trot runs in Holland/Zeeland and we really wanted to make point of not having the Holiday be all about food. Plus we LOVE running so it seemed fitting that we find a 5k or something to run. We really enjoy this 5k, it is not a real big race but it is draws a nice crowd and the course is fun because it weaves all around through the GVSU campus. Sara currently goes to GVSU and I graduated from GVSU in 2009. We have run this Race in shorts and T-shirts and in full on snow apparel haha. This year it was kind of in between. It was snowing but the temp was just hovering at freezing so once you get running you warm up fast. The race did not disappoint we had a lot of fun and even talked Dad into joining us.

Last Week SNOW!!!

Zeeland 8k Before you Eat Turkey Trot- November 26 2015

Woke up to 50's and rain.. what the world ?? is going on with the weather HAHA This is the second year Sara and I have run the 8k in Zeeland. Last year it was snowing so hard you could hardly see and this year it was raining and warm, so it was hard to decide what to wear when you know you are going to warm up from running but its raining in November.

More Pictures from the Turkey Trot 8k

Hope that you had a Great Thanks Giving weekend :)

This Year RAIN !!!

Last Year SNOW !!!

READY Lets GO !!! 

My Intense Race Face, I was not going to let that high school girl beat me 

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