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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday !!!! 

I hope that you have had a great week so far :) I started out the week still kind of sick from my cold so am happy to be feeling way better. 

Go Check out my sisters Blog for her Nutrition Class - The Dish on Nutrition

Check out Devotions for a Healthier You. I have really enjoyed this Devotional and it speaks right to eating, health and fitness which is right up my alley.

Get Ready because starting Monday IF:Equip is talking about "A Fight For Faith- Imperfect women of the Bible" This is going to be good.

Active Nation Day !!! What ?? I don't know but I love the Idea. It's actually and idea from a clothing company in Australia and I know we are not in Australia but I love the Idea of Celebrating being active. +Lorna Jane I am seriously considering putting together a little event like a hike or something :) September 27, 2015

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