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Thursday, July 9, 2015


"Everything in moderation!"

Do you believe that? 
Do you Struggle with that ? 
You are NOT alone!!!

A health and fitness journey is very specific to each individual. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another and for fitness journey is going to be different than yours and that is OK!! Rather than fighting this realization, I have embraced it. And I assure you that traveling along a healthy path is easiest when you are fully in tune with who you are as a person— your habits, tendencies, and overall personality.
Do you know this person, She makes a batch of chocolate chip cookies, freezes them, and enjoys 1 every night. Rather than devouring half the batch while they are gooey and warm, she would open the freezer in the evening, get 1 out, and savor it. Who was this woman? She must be the poster child for moderation! Incredible! Capable of having one and moving on with her life? How?!! Personally i hope that my cookie dough makes it to cookies sometimes HAHA. !!
My personality would never allow for such behavior. Let me illustrate my own scenario in the face of chocolate chip cookies. I would make a batch, have 2 in an attempt to practice moderation. That is if they even all made it to the baked cookie stage. Rather than be done with it and move on to something else....I would sit and obsess about the remaining cookies even if I wasn’t particularly hungry. After wasting a reasonable amount of time trying to show restraint, I would re-open the container of cookies and eat a few more. :( and feel Frustrated with my self for not being able to exercise self control. 
WHY ME? Why am I so weak? What I see now is that practicing moderation has nothing to do with discipline! I am an all or nothing kind of girl. For me, it’s easier to skip cookies altogether or to make a small batch and eat them all in one sitting. It’s more of a challenge to eat a few today and then to try and eat 1 each day going forward. Moderation is tortuous for me. I don’t buy candy and cookies and junk food for my house because I can’t just eat one serving size. It’s MUCH easier for me to not have it in sight so I don't even think about them. There is no struggle. When I do want a fabulous dessert, I go to a restaurant and have one. I eat it with great enjoyment, and then I continue on with my life. There are no fabulous desserts in my kitchen. All or nothing works for me. Eating junk food on a daily basis in moderation doesn’t.
Today, take a few moments to analyze your own personality. Does your personality allow for moderation? If so, carry on. If you have more of an all-or-nothing personality, don’t fret. Work with your strengths by creating routines. I think I thrive so much on my morning routine because my personality craves the structure and discipline. I don’t leave it up to fate to decide whether I will have a bite of a doughnut for breakfast. My weekday breakfasts are non-negotiable. I plan them in advance, and that’s it! I don’t even have to make a choice to practice moderation because I’ve created habits that work for my everyday life. It works for me, maybe it will work for you personality. Either way, it’s food for thought!

Stop Looking !!

Looking for the perfect program that can help with "moderation"  Check out the 21 Day Fix.I love the structure and focus of the eating plan that goes along with the great workouts, and because they are only 30 Minutes long I work them in with my Running as well. They help me stay strong and injury free when in I am training for a Marathon or a 5K !! Us Runners HATE injuries and we will do whatever we can to avoid them!!! and KEEP Running. 

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