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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Friday

Hope that you had a great week !! 
Here are a few Friday Favorites for this week 

Compression Socks

After all the legs in my workout right away on Monday, Particularly the barefoot beach running. I had sore calves. So I wore this to bed to help with some of the soreness. !! and I when I do that my calve always feel better the next morning.

HINT Flavored Water -

This lightly Fruit Flavored water comes flat or fizzy and in lots of different flavors. This week I was loving the Peach !! It was a hot week so this was a nice alternative to plain water all the time. I got mine at Meijers.

I Love Running but I need to keep my whole body strong, to prevent injury and increase my speed. Piyo is one of my new favorites it combines Pilates, yoga and movement getting all your muscles activated and stronger. This week I was loving the core workout and the the buns workout. Runners need a strong behind :)  I really want to get Piyo Certified so that I can teach it live this coming winter. 

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