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Monday, June 15, 2015

MI Adventure Racing

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Run. Bike. Paddle. Search. Conquer.

Adventure Racing a growing curiosity in the West MI area:
By:Debbie Lenters

Looking for a little adventure? Here's something for you. How about an adventure 
race? And no, you will not have to traverse the Sahara desert (maybe Silver Lake dunes, however) or climb Mount Kilimanjaro or eat crawling bugs. Adventure racing or AR is a multi-sport, team event where racers navigate their way from checkpoint to checkpoint using a map, compass and route strategy within a set time length. It is a fast growing, exciting and new way of incorporating fun exercise into your life while exploring all that our beautiful state has to offer.Disciplines include navigation, orienteering, road and trail biking, trekking and sometimes kayaking or rock climbing. Why in the world would I do this? Because you need something different to motivate you. Because you want to challenge your inner self, you want a fun wilderness experience, team work, and to explore new places. It’s just downright fun and leaves you feeling totally exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. Michigan Adventure Racing ( has several races coming up this fall including an Epic Edition on Aug 8, an urban race based around art prize on Oct 10, and a winter edition. They have mastered the art of combining extreme fun with extreme organization, safety and motivation. From the first place finisher to the last to cross the line, all competitors feel an enormous sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the support and encouragement received throughout the race. Why now? Because of all that Holland has to offer, there is now a race in the works for Summer of 2016 that will be held in Holland; utilizing both the north and south side. So, this is the time to get involved and start picturing yourself out there. Don't know how to navigate a topographical map or use a compass? We can help you there. Park Township is offering a class this summer on June 25 at 7pm at the Park Township Community Center. We will walk you through an adventure race, how to navigate using a compass, how to read a topographical map and then allow time to practice your skills in the woods as you search for a checkpoint flag.

Questions regarding the class can be posed to Deb Lenters at 834-2423 or Park 
Township. Interested in learning more about Michigan Adventure Racing, you can 
go to their website at

Adventure Race 101
Adventure Racing (also called expedition racing) is a combination of 2 or more endurance disciplines, including orienteering and/or navigation, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing. At the conclusion of this class, you will be ready for your first adventure race! This is one of the fastest growing recreational activities.

WHEN: Thursday, June 25 7:00-8:30pm
WHERE: Park Township Community Center, 1286 Ottawa Beach Rd

*This is not a sponsored post. just sharing for a friend and the super fun events that MI Adventure Racing puts on. 

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