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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wet and Rainy Monday ...


I hope that your week is off to a good start so far. Yesterday was a gray and rainy day here. It did give me the opportunity to but out my poke-dot umbrella though. Which added a splash of color to the otherwise gray sky's. It wasn't so bad though, I went out for lunch with my Mom, Sister and Grandma at the Alpen Rose and then had Girls on the Run, and lead Fit By Nature. 

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These Girls just crack me up.. Regan was sporting this fun hat yesterday at GOTR HAHA so much fun. We actually spent out practice making signs for our GOTR Fundraiser Groove this coming Saturday. These Girls are so creative they were make some super cute invites. 

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The Rain did stop for a little while and we were able to get in our a pretty good Fit By Nature workout. We did get drizzled on a little bit but it wasn't to bad. I said we needed to take picture by the Tulips on Windmill island and so I said to do squats .. well not the best picture .. HAHA it kind of looks like everyone is going to sit right on top of the Tulips Whoops.. I did get a few good pictures though. 

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Sara totally stepped in mud and sunk down to her knees so she had to wash off in a puddle hahaha Oh the adventures that we have.. 

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