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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bayshore Marathon Re-cap

Pre-Race I was very careful with my eating and exercise in the week leading up to the Marathon, I did not want to have any tummy trouble or sore muscles.

A running group friend graciously offered their cottage as a place for us to stay while in Traverse City for the Marathon. This was the view from the cottage the night before. It was so beautiful and calming...

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We were up at 5:10 AM and headed out the door at 5:45 for that start !! There were 3 People Running the 10K and 6 Running the Marathon. Jobie and I at the Start !!! Here we GO !!

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We ditched a few layers at this point !! The view along the course was AMAZING !! we got to enjoy the breeze off the bay  and this beautiful view pretty much the entire race. 

Mile 20 Something !! Nancy so kindly biked by me for a few miles and got a few pictures, she even got me smiling.  Sara even found me on the course for the last few miles and kept me company as well. (Best Sister Ever) I actually kind of found a new gear headed into the finish line.. I was tired and a little achy at that point but when I saw the finish I knew I wanted to finish strong !! I managed to pick up the pace and stride in smoothly. My Amazing family even drove up to TC that morning to be at the finish !! Love them 

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Marathon Questions ?

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