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Monday, April 27, 2015

Great Weekend

Good Morning, 

Lets Talk about the weekend.. I had a Great WEEKEND !!!! 

Friday night we went for Dinner at Hops, and I got the GF Fish Tacos .. YUMMY followed by Fro Yo at the Peach Wave.. Great way to start the weekend. 

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My Saturday was the best. Morning Long with Barb and Jobie we knocked out 14.5 miles and then Coffee at Jp's and then off to lead my first Saturday Groove class at Empowerment Studio. I had 6 Groover's and we had a lot of fun. 

Don't forget to sign up for my May 16 Girls on the Run Fundraiser Groove !!! Sign up Here Location is yet to be determined because we need to find a big enough room. 

So then after Groove I went out to lunch with Becky at the Brewery and then we walked around downtown Holland and did a little bit of shopping. I found this coffee cup a Francessa's and I had to have it !!!

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When I got home I was pleasantly surprised to see my Lululemon package had already arrived seen as I as just ordered it the day before. That was some super fast shipping. This super cute running skirt was on sale in the "we made to much" I couldn't resist. 

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It was still kind of gray Saturday afternoon so after we got all our house chores done.. I managed to talk Travis into going to see the Age Of Adaline. It was kind of predictable but I still enjoyed it. 

When we got home we were not up for doing much and The Princess Diaries was on TV, So I finished out my evening watching more Girly movies. HEHE 

Sundays are Pretty laid back, Church, Lunch and a Hike. We have been going to Hemlock Crossing for our Walks lately because it is nice and dry so Riley's Paws don't get all dirty and messy. Walks are serious business, the second we say "want to go for a walk, Riley" she is waiting at the top of the stairs ready to go. HAHA 

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Hope that you had a great weekend. Don't Forget to check out the Live Fitness Calendar to see what classes are going on this week and sign up for the May 16 Girls on the Run Groove Fundraiser. 

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