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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Florida Re-Cap

A little behind of this post

Wednesday - Worked from Home during the Day and Flew out of GRR at 4:05 a quick 2.5 hour flight via Southwest and I was in Florida :) one of my Favorite things do while visiting my Grandparents is walk around there condo area they have great walking paths and ponds. So I went for a quick evening stroll and took a few pictures of the beautiful spring flowers. (Pollen alert was HIGH for Naples Florida)

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Thursday - A morning 4 Mile Run around the Condo area and then a quiet breakfast on the porch, SOOOO relaxing. Then a 12 Mile Bike ride with my Grandpa he loves to bike all over the place. 

My Grandma always put fresh Flowers in the Room when I come visit :) 
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I could used to a relaxed breakfast like this
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Friday - 10 Mile Run and it was super hot and humid but I wanted to get my run in so that I could go on the bike ride tomorrow, so I powered through and stopped at every beach stop along the way to grab a drink from the drinking fountain. 
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Saturday - Morning 18 Mile Bike Ride with Grandpa to Clam Shell Pass, it was a very nice scenic ride. The beach was a little cool but it was great for biking and walking. After our nice bike ride I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool and reading. 

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There were TONS of these birds on the Beach 
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Sunday - Jam packed day, Palm Sunday Church Service, Paddle Boarding, Bike Ride, and Beach. I crammed a lot into one Sunday afternoon, but it was a great day Temperature wise for being outside and enjoying the Sunshine and warmth. 

Paddle Boarding @ Sweet water Paddle Boards
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Busy Beach Day 
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Monday -My Last Day so I started it out with a nice Relaxing 6.2 Mile Beach Run. I just took my time and enjoyed the scenery and the smell of the ocean. 
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Post Run Breakfast at First Watch!! I love this place 
Displaying IMG_3227.JPG.
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The Turtles Finally Came out  !!
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Last walk out to the Tiki Hut, Then it was time to head home. Back to Reality 
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