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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday was a Great day for the most part..

Tuesday was a Great day for the most part..

Morning Devotions From IF:Equip

Hebrews 11:17-40

A few thoughts.. BY FAITH many great people followed got in the Old Testament. Think about it.. Just BY FAITH they followed.. WOW 


Morning Coffee from Tim Horton's on my way to work. It has becoming quite the habit of mine to stop there it is just so easy and they have a drive up window and it's on my way to work.. 
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When I got home I promptly popped in my 21 Day Fix Extreme and did the upper workout, I am loving that my arms are getting more toned. If I can stick with the eating I really think I will start to see more muscle definition soon. 

I made the 21DFX meat loaf for dinner, and my husband and I both like that one so that works out well. 

Then I was off to the Dentist to get a filling fixed.. that was super fun... (sarcastic)  Getting a old filing fixed is pretty much the same as getting a new filling. 

Then with a slightly numb mouth I was off to my 8:15 Cardio/Combo Class at S&S Fitness. I got there a little early so before class I was able to get in a nice 25 min 5.6 mile bike ride and warm up. Then we ROCKED out doing HIIT intervals with 10 mins of Hard Core ABS at the end of our workout. It was great. 

The weather was great today a little on the gloomy side during the day but the sun did make and appearance in the evening. I cant wait to take fun Marathon Training outside tomorrow. I am on week 10 using the Jenny Hadfield Marathon Training Plan

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