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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Here we Go Again

Monday again.... 

After a Great weekend it is hard to go back to work. Over the weekend I was able to get in all sorts of last minute winter fun. Cross Country Skiing at Pigeon Creek on Friday Evening with my Sister.

Saturday my long run (14miles)  in the morning with the running group followed by breakfast at the Farm House in Zeeland with Mom, Dad and Sara. Then played out side all afternoon with the dog (Riley) in the snow and even got her on a sled behind the snowmobile. Got to do a little snowmobiling in the late afternoon. It was a Fun Day. I was so tired by evening but that is ok.. good to be tired to because you were having fun and being active all day. We did make out for dinner at Hops before crashing at home for the rest of the night. :)

Sunday was another Great day for being out side because we still have snow but the Temps were higher so after family lunch at my husbands parents we headed out to the beach to check out the icebergs on Lake Michigan, They were really neat but will melt quickly if we have such a warm week as they predict. 

So Now that I got in all my winter fun .. I am Ready for SPRING !!! 

Mondays Workouts 

I am still doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme... and Marathon Training EEKS but it is Good. Today was Plyo extreme and a 45 Minute easy run. Mistake first I did plyo then I went for a run my legs did not like that very much. I actually split my run into 2 runs first 30 minutes outside with the dog and the second 25 inside on the treadmill just to get it in. I will not being doing plyo first though in the future. 

I have been pretty good about following the containers/portion control options that came with the 21 Day Fix. I had to add an extra carb container though b/c of all the running. The first few days I was running on empty with no energy. I feel much better if i get that little bit extra carbs in the day. 

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