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Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Your Body

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and spring is right around the corner (well hopefully), which makes us start to think about Spring Break and warmer weather. Warmer weather gets us of thinking about warm weather clothing that is not involving giant sweaters. Now, Valentines day celebrates love; loving our friends, family and significant others, but what about ourselves. I found this little saying and I thought it would be perfect to get my point across. Every person and body is different, which makes us who we are, but many times we are not happy because we don't look a certain way. This is very hard and I admit I feel the same way.  What helps me is to know why I exercise; I exercise to release stress, hangout with friends, spend time with my sister and just have fun. I exercise to feel healthy, but it's easy to mush this into something that is unhealthy when we start to compare ourselves and start unhealthy habits to get to what we think we need to look like. To love our body is to love everything about our selves and to just enjoy the things that make us happy and feel good. We can use these days leading up to Valentines to figure our what makes us feel good and then on Valentine's start fresh and love our bodies. 

Have a great week everyone!
- Sara

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