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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Stuff Cacao

Hey Everyone, 

Love your BODY Love CHOCOLATE. Lets talk chocolate for a moment. I LOVE Chocolate and I am going to eat chocolate and not feel bad/guilty about it. Why? because the right kind of Chocolate in moderation is GOOD for YOU !!! 

A Few of the benefits of Chocolate

Dark Chocolate - one processed food you Don't have to give long as you source it correctly!

Now on to the GOOD stuff ( hehe) I am Loving Good Stuff Cacao  Real Raw Chocolate that Tastes YUMMY and is good for you too.  

"Our cacao is plain and simple “Good Stuff”. Though Good Stuff has one of the highest raw cacao ratios on the market our cacao still delivers rich flavor with no bitterness. Our original uses 100% raw organic cacao specially hand mixed with raw honey and that’s it! That’s natural folks, and it tastes great!"- Good Stuff Cacao

RIght now for Valentines they have Free Shipping if you order 5 or more boxes so I put in my order and they came just the other day :) I got the Original, Peppermint, Coconut, and Trail Mix flavors. The peppermint is definitely one of my favorites. 

Displaying IMG_3034.JPG

What is your Favorite Kind or Type of Chocolate ? 

All Comments submitted by Saturday will be entered to Win a Box of Peppermint Good Stuff Cacao  !!

Have a Great Day !!!

- Melissa

*This is not a sponsored post, I just Love Chocolate

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