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Sunday, November 9, 2014

What a Weekend

Weekend at home 

I hope that you had a great weekend. It was kind of cold and Rainy here in Holland, MI this weekend so I was pretty lazy stayed home a spent most of the weekend reading and watching Netflix while on the elliptical at home. 

Friday Night was Great though. It was the Cross Country banquet and as in years past I picked up flowers from Easter Floral for the senior girls. Two of the seniors didn't show up so I got to keep these two pretty Daisies at home. 
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At the Dinner though Deb and I were given these beautiful Fall Bouquets from the team and West Coast cash, which I had never heard of but is pretty awesome. You can use them all over Holland/Zeeland area Holland-West Coast Cash

It was an AMAZING season of Cross Country we had such a great group of students/runners this year. I just can't say enough about how truly awesome they were. 
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Besides some Running, Elliptical and Hot yoga Riley and I hung out on the couch a lot this weekend Reading and watching Reign on Netflix 
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The show is about Mary Queen of Scottland, I can't help I very much enjoy Medieval books and shows. I got sucked in to this and elliptical'd for like 2 hours on Saturday watching this show on Netflix 

Then while I wasn't on the Elliptical I was reading this book. What can I say I like the mystical, fiction books like Twlight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games.... And this fits right in. I didn't know that they are actually making this one into a move as well. 

Hope that you had a Great Weekend 

Did you Stay in Side and relax like me ? or go on some fun adventures ? 

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