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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Pure Bar

Tuesday Tea Time- 

I absolutely Love clean eating and while I am not perfect at eating clean all the time, I am learning more and more all the time about eating clean. One thing that I am constantly on the look out for is good clean snacks. One of my favorites is the Pure Bar. I have enjoyed eating Pure Bars for a while now as a Healthy Snack bar, and when you take the time read the ingredients on the label there is no FLUFF they are made out of whole organic good for you ingredients. 

This past fall I learned that one of my cross country runners Mom was the creator of the The Pure Bar, and of course I was super excited. So that led to a Morning coffee break at Jp's with Veronica Bosgraaf, the creator of The Pure Bar. Actually we didn't have coffee we had tea :) My cherry blossom green tea was awesome by the way. Click here for Pure Bar Facts

We chatted about her business and how she started it and where it is now. I just loved hearing her story. I just love her passion for her product and how far she has come over the years. It is so Inspiring. Click here for Veronica's Story. 

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The Pure Cook Book

Coming in February 2015, The Pure Food Cookbook. Personally I am excited for this, I cant wait to have more clean Ideas to try out at home.  Click here for more information about The Pure Food Cookbook. You can also Check out Veronica Blog, she posts lots of yummy recipes and helpful healthy eating tips. Veronica's Blog

Check out the Pure Bar

Check out the The Pure Bar online and tell me which flavor you want to try

Organic Variety 12-Pack [pure-variety12p7.jpg] - Click for More Information

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