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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shake Your Asana


We have almost made it to the weekend... I am so Happy.. I went to Hot yoga again last night at the Funky Buddha it was awesome. I am really liking Hot Yoga. I went to Shake Your Asana which means that they play good music along with the class. I really need to take few pictures while I am there so you can see what it looks like. I keep forgetting Sorry!!! Quick note about what to were to Hot Yoga. The first time I went I just wore shorts and a T-Shirt, this time I wore Capri Leggings a moisture wicking tank top with the built in bra and a wide lulu headband to keep the sweat from my eyes. I felt so much better this time. My legs weren't all slippery from being sweaty and I didn't get any sweat in my eyes this time. Oh one more thing I downloaded the Funky Buddha app so I can just sign up for classes right from my phone, which is very nice. 

Check out there website HERE

Snagged this Picture from their website

I don't Think that I gave a Re-Cap of my Late Night Tuesday Cardio/Combo Class yet !!! So by request of my sweet sister in law I set up a late night fitness class at Sasha Sandor Fitness studio in Zeeland. This was the first week of the class and I think that it went GREAT.. we Started at 8:15 and did a Mix of Cardio and Body weight Exercises. The group of ladies that showed up was great they worked really hard through out the entire class. I can't wait to put together next weeks routine. Actually a better name for the class might be BOOT CAMP !!! I put together this quick motivational fitsnap for the class not sure if i will use it ..... 

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I cant wait to get the new LOVE TO MOVE MI Logo I am so excited. I hope to make up a few T-Shirts and give a few of them away. 

#Lovetomovemi with all your fitness adventures and I will share them on the blog !!!! 

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