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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Running Club Adventures

 Hey everyone my name is Sara Helder and my awesome sister is the writer of this blog. Melissa is my training inspiration when it comes to running and staying healthy. I am a student at Grand Valley State Univeristy studying Athletic Training. As you can tell fitness seems to run in the family. This fall I joined GVSU's Running Club and it had been the best thing I could have chosen. I don't know why I didn't do this last year. My sister (Melissa) asked if I wanted to share some of out adventures of the running club on the blog and of course I said yes! So far as a club we have group runs and run all over campus or explore the trails that are all over in the ravines located on campus. We have had several runs where I come back covered in mud, I love it! The cool thing about running club is that everyone is so included and we are all friends.

We had our first NIRCA race, which is cross country race for university club teams, this past saturday. Other teams that were there were Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue and Central. There was a lot of runners and all were very fast. The course was pretty flat but tons of mud! It was really cool to be at a meet very similar to high school because I was really missing it. I didn't know this NIRCA races existed until now.

Another part of my running club weekend was that we went the Gazelles Dirty Herd Fall Classic at Robinettes Apple Orchard. There was a 2mile and 4mile run. It was in the most zig-zaggy and hilly trails that looped in and out of the apple orchard. Apart of the run was all the running shoe vendors including Saucony, New Balance, Solomon and Brooks were there promoting different shoes and allowing us to try out the shoes. I tried out the New Balance Minimus shoes; they were very light and really didn't have any support. Running through the trails I could feel every rock and stick. I don't know if I would wear them for road running but they were super like and great for the trails.

All in all I am very excited for all my adventures with running club and Ill keep you posted on anymore cool events. Also shout out to anyone looking for a 5k the GVSU Running Club is putting on a Turkey Trot November 22 at 10am. Melissa has put a link in another posting.

Keeping running and Explore!!

- Sara

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