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Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's FALL into Fitness ... This weeks Activities

Today : Oct. 5

Fit By Nature -Hemlock Crossings, 8115 West Olive Rd
           6:15 Walking Group      7:00 Running Group

T&T @ Sasha Sandor Fitness

Yoga with Marylynn
6:30 -Holland Hospital Center For Good Health

#lovetomovemi- with all your workouts

Fall into Fitness Links:


Groove- With Me on Thursdays at S&S Fitness in Zeeland

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Fall Fit By Nature Schedule 

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Moms In Tow - New to the Fitness Calendar** Coming Soon 

XC  & Portage Weekend

It was cool and a chance of rain all day Saturday at our Portage meet but we lucked out and it didn't rain until the very end. I got a few pictures.. but I was running around so much that I didn't have a chance to get to many good ones. There were Lots of PR's and Happy Runners!! I just LOVE Coaching Cross Country. 

One quick little story .. This is my 4th year helping coach and the first year we went to Portage there was this freshmen Maria and she liked apples so I brought her an apple to the meet for her great running... This year I did the same thing and she is a Senior now... kind of a bitter sweet moment. There are certain students that will move on and you know you probably will not see them again after cross country and graduation ... I am really opening to stay in touch with Maria even after she graduates. 

The Starting Line
Displaying IMG_2430.JPG

Batman Socks LOL Love it 
Displaying IMG_2442.JPG
Coaches Gift- an Awesome Brooks Jacket 
Displaying IMG_2444.JPG

So this was actually a picture from our Wednesday meet, (Coaches) and we were twinners we both had our Park 2 Park t-shirts on 

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