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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hot Yoga

How many of you have Tried Hot Yoga ? 

Last night I tried Hot Yoga for the First time at the Funky Buddha. I went with my friend Rachel who's foot is healing from an injury and yoga is a great low impact but intense workout that we can do together. Let me Tell you it was HOT !!! I was sweating so much... my legs, my arms, my face, it was just crazy. Sorry I didn't take any pictures but I will. I signed up for the $39.00 30 Day intro package so I will be heading back soon. Things I learned at my first Hot Yoga .. wear Yoga pants. I thought I should wear shorts because I would be to HOT in Pants or Capris but my legs go so slippery from sweat that it was challenging to do some of the poses because my hands of feet would slide off my legs .. LOL ....Hot Yoga Problems... They also had a cute little store in the entry way I need to check out but I was chatting so much with Rachel and our Great Instructor Larissa that I didn't get a chance to take a peek. 

Learn more about the Funky Buddha by Checking out their website. 

The Funky Buddha makes it really easy to just sign up and pay for classes online right from there website. They also said that they have and APP which makes signing up for classes even faster. I still have to check that out. More to Come on my adventures of HOT YOGA #funkybuddha #lovetomovemi

12330 James St
Holland, MI 49424

*This Post is simply my own opinion, I received no Compensation/incentives from the Funky Buddha 

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