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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Its crazy to think that its already the end of October, which for me has come to fast. In a week, I am officially placing my application for the Athletic Training program at Grand Valley and I am so excited to finally get this step done and move forward. I just wanted to share a little bit about Athletic Training because there is so much that people don't know. It is so much more than wrapping ankles and standing on the sideline of football games. Other job opportunities that are out there are working in hospitals, clinics and even the military. I personally want to work with teams when I first begin because I love the environment and the athletes. Athletic Trainers are what we say the "mom" of a team keeping records and holding all the little things that a team may need that most athletes forget. We also simply take care and be the "mom" to athletes making sure they follow all the guidelines to keep everyone healthy and injury free. I have chosen this path because so many things can happen on the field in a emergency situation and I want to be prepared to help and guide so I can prevent worst injuries occurring. I have already learned so much and looking forward to everything else that comes. Hopefully, I will be getting into the program for this coming winter semester.

On the other side of things this fall weather has had its up and downs and sadly the weather being colder has been making me not want to run outside as much! There's always inside workouts that we can all do! Everyone should totally check out all the classes Melissa puts on the blog because those are soo much fun and great indoor workouts, especially Groove!

Happy Halloween everyone and try to use up any last couple days of decent weather!!

- Sara

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