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Monday, September 15, 2014

Another week fly's by



Lunch time Legs + 2 miles at XC practice


6 Miles with my Hubs 


Upper Body Strength and a XC meet 

Lunch Time Run-Thursday

4.7 Miles 7.41 Pace ... Wow was not expecting that oh and GROOVE !!!! 

Repeats at XC practice Oh MY -Friday

1/2 mile warm up 400 400 800 1000 1000 800 400 100 1/2 mill cool down

Rain, Rainbows and a Long Run -Saturday

3 Miles with Deb Pretty, an hour run with the group then 3 miles with April = 12 -13 Miles
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Peaceful Hike-Sunday

60 min Hike a Pigeon creek 

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New Shorts- Grandma always know what I like and she brought back this super cute Lululemon shorts from while they were in Florida for a couple of weeks 

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