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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hurt the Dirt Recap

I was up bright and Early to get ready for this Hurt the Dirt Race Saturday Morning. My Running Group Picked my up at the Park n' Ride in Zeeland at 6:15am and we were off to Luton Park in Rockford. It was a bit chilly and very windy, to start the morning. We parked at a nearby church and then school buses shuttled the runners to the start of the race.
8:00 am Marathon Start
8:15 am 1/2 Marathon Start
8:30 am 10k+ Start

I decided last minute to just do the 10K+ because my Allergies had been bothering me and I really didn't want to chance getting hurt before the 5/3 River Bank 25K.

Hurt the Dirt course map 2014 b 585w

The Run was Great once we got going, It was kind of Cold while we were waiting to start but once we got out into the woods it was nice. I Finished in 54 minutes and actually came in first in my age group and 14th overall for the 10k+, I was pleasantly surprised. 

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I was able to get a quick pic of the Deshaw Girls Maria and Elise Finishing the 1/2 Marathon
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Added a Picture that I found From the Hurt The Dirt !!! Not bad Sometime I hate the way my legs look when running but this one isn't terrible

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