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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun, Busy Days

Good Morning, 

I has been a few days since my last post... I have been so busy Running and Grooving that my post kind of fell by the way side. 

So Here are a few of things from the past week.... 

I am obsessed with the flowers from Meijers because the last for weeks, So I have been buying myself a fresh bouquet to have on the counter at home. Brighten up the place a bit 
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Riley Girl went to the Groomer to get beautified and she came back all soft and pretty with a cute little easter bandanna which she decided to chew off yesterday :( 
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Went on a little hike the other day and it was kind wet outside, but it was nice to just be outside and explore without all the snow. 
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Boston Marathon is coming up soon and Shalene Flanagan is on the Cover of Runners World. Which is cool because I met her in person last fall at Gazelle sports in Holland. 
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I decided to try this all Veggie Kale Blazer Smoothie... Well yeah lets just say it was interesting, I know Kale is good for you in all but not sure I like drinking it. 
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(above is a link to an Instgram video of Groove)

I have been doing a lot of Groove. This past week alone I have had 4 classes which has been a ton of fun. Here a just a few pictures of Groove at Culture works.
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Displaying photo 2.JPG

So I was't Grooving for this picture but Culture Works has this cool art pieces with Mirrors and I thought they were cool. 
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There also still time to support Stride for Sarah!! 

Have A GREAT Day !!!!!! 

Love to Move Fitness and Groove 

What have you Been Up to Lately ? 
Has anyone ever Grooved Before ? 

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