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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Protein Treats

Protein Treats

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Chia Seeds
Honey ( Real Maple Syrup or Agave) 
Chocolate Protein ( I used Chocolate Shakeology) 
Raw Cacao Nibs
Peanut Butter

Extras- Acai Berries, Cran Berries, Dried Cherries, Flax ground or Seeds, Chocolate chips, coconut, etc...... lots of variety 

Make a lot of just make a few, I don't really Measure I just throw it in a bowl and mix until the consistency is good for rolling into a ball. Then I store then in the Freezer

So where do I get some of the ingredients that I used in these protein balls 

Oats- I got at Meijers
Chia Seeds I got at Harvest Health Food from the bulk bins or i get them from Amazon
Honey- I try to get made in MI Honey,I bought some early this fall at Motmans Orchards in Allendale, normally I get it at Harvest health foods
Chocolate Protein- Myself My Shakeology
Raw Cacao Nibs- Amazon-Cacao Nibs
Peanut Butter- I used Jiff Natural this time sometimes I use organic


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