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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flowers and Coupons

While were in Florida visiting with  my Grand parents we got my Grandma an Orchid as a little Thank You for all the nice thing that she did for us while we were there. She sent me this Picture Yesterday, and it looks like the Orchid is doing well. They are so Pretty and Exotic. 

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While I am on the topic of Florida..... when I fell I put a giant hole in my favorite Nike Capri's lucky for me they still had them at the store so I got a new pair. 

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A coupon for the day, if you like compression socks, (I DO) then here is coupon to get yourself a great pair of Valentine socks. 

Save 40% Off Compression Hearts  

Just in Time For Valentine's Day! 

True graduated compression, just in time for your Valentine's Day workout or race.  Limited Edition "Hearts," Red and Pink Marathon graduated compression socks are on sale now.

Save 40% and get free US shipping when you click here and enter coupon code BEMY at checkout. Made in USA, compression rating mmHg 22-26. 

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