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Monday, February 10, 2014

Fitness and Flowers

Good Morning Friends,

So this past weekend my sister and I were able to get in our 7 Mile Training Run for the 5/3rd 25k I was cold and it snowed the entire time, but we got our miles in within an hour so we were pretty happy about that.

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I have and Awesome Brother who works at the Verizon store, and recommended the UE Boom, I was looking for a speaker for my fitness classes that was small and portable but still had good sound. This little speaker is AMAZING, I am LOVING it. 
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I also Picked up some Extra Yoga Mats this weekend, they were on Sale a MC sports and some of my Clients will be needing a good Mat so I stocked up. My NASM studying is going well so far I am so excited to start my own little business (LOVE TO MOVE MI) I cant wait to see what Adventures this takes me on. 
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One more fun Picture for the day, It is nice and warm down in Florida by my Grandparents, and this is the Amaryllis that is growing out on there porch. So PRETTY
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