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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Florida Trip


Wake up!!!  Our flight left Bright and Early out of GRR , 5:45 AM yikes, had to de-Ice in GRR made it to Detroit Missed out Connection to Fort Meyers so we had to wait for the next flight which was at 10:00. Made to Fort Meyers Air Port at 1:30 PM. Time for some R&R. First things first get settled in and a walk on the the board walk by the Condo. My Grand Parents Condo area has great walking paths and an awesome board walk.

These Orchids were sitting on the picnic table on the porch by my Grand Parents
- I thought they were real at First. 

 Flower in our bedroom- My Grandma is so sweet


My morning started out with the great 4.5 mile run on the trails around the condo it was a bit fresh outside but it felt good, still a lot warmer then was it was in MI. Then It was time to get cleaned up and head out for the day. We had Break Fast at First Watch, I had a Egg white and Turkey omelet and Mom and Grandma had the fruit crapes. The Napkins were at First Watch were all wrapped with funny little quotes, I liked the "I love you more then Bacon" the best. 

Got in a few Push Ups to after my run :) 

Next we we were off to Water Side Mall for some shopping. Nordstroms, Banana Republic, Lululemon oh the fun we had shopping. Let me tell you... I did pretty well on our little shopping excursion :) 

Before Dinner we did manage to get in some beach time with a little bike ride to the beach and walk along the shore.

For Dinner we went out to the California Pizza Kitchen at the Coconut Point Mall, with Linda and Jana neighbors of my Grandparents. It was a great time. I had the white corn guacamole, I know ... we went to a pizza place and I didn't even get pizza. 


For my morning run I decided that I was going to go to Barefoot beach, the run turned out to be a little be a little bit longer then I though at 7 miles. It was an eventful run for me as on the way there I tripped on the side walk and scrapped up my knee pretty good plus a big hole in my brand new Nike running capri's. 

Once I got back from that eventful run and got cleaned up, we found out that the car had a dead battery so we had breakfast at the condo and then waited for Jana to get out of work at noon. We had a great lunch with Linda and Jana at the Turtle Club 

View at the Turtle Club

Salmon Salad- This was Seriously the best salmon I have ever had 

After Lunch was Trader Joe's and then Pedicures, Then by the time dinner rolled around we were not very hungry so we went to orange leaf for a little fro-yo.

Got Riley Some Trader Joes Dog Treats

Red Wine From Trader Joe's- This Wine is Wonderful !!!

 Pedicures- Now my Toes feel Pretty 


The Bike Ride...... No Run this morning because we were going on a pretty good bike ride. It turned out the be a nice 25 mile round trip ride, we breakfast at the First Watch in Naples. After that we were kind of tired so we spent the after noon lounging by the pool reading magazines, books and getting some sun. 

I also made this fun little Aloe Vera Oj  mix and put it in Fancy Glass just for the Fun of it. :) It was a yummy little drink and good for you. 


I opted not to run the Naples 1/2 Marathon, and went on a nice 10 mile run with my Mom she biked along, we went to the Vanderbilt beach which was 5 miles down wanders the beach for a little bit and then back. While were were walking on the beach we saw this cute little lab puppy that was being trained as a service dog and the gentleman that was training him was having him do all sorts of commands, it was impressive make our Riley look like crazy wild dog because she doesn't listen very well. We Spent the rest of the day lounging at the beach and at the pool getting some more sun. 


I had time for a nice 4.5 mile run and breakfast. Then it was time to head on home to MI. All out flights went smoothly on the way home. Welcome to MI It was 10 degrees and snowing when we landed in GRR. It was a great little vacation to Florida a nice break from the busyness of of life at home. 

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