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Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays, Running, Coffee, #RWrunstreak, Etc...

Holiday Weekend

My Thanksgiving Holiday started on Wednesday, I took off an extra day of work so that I could hang out with my sister. My Day started with a run +Downtown Holland, Riley and I got in a nice 4 miles, it was cold and snowy and kind of felt like Christmas but it was fun and felt good. 

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My sister and I then enjoyed a nice warm cup of coffee from +Starbucks Coffee before running errands and doing a little Christmas shopping. 

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Our treat for the afternoon was fro-yo +Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt 

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Our Craft for the Afternoon/Evening was no-sew knot tie fleece blankets. I was very pleased with they way mine turned out. 

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My morning started out with an hour on the elliptical to prepare for a day of lots of yummy food. 

We had Thanks Giving Lunch by Travis parents house followed by the Lions Vs. Packers Game in the afternoon. 

Dinner/snacks by my parents and National Lampoons- Christmas Vacation :) 

Does Your Family have fun little Traditions that they do over the Holidays like watching a movie or doing something fun? 

Black Friday

Do you go Black Friday shopping ? I am not really into all the Crazy Black Friday shopping so I slept in and went for Run and then went to S&S fitness for my black Friday/post Thanksgiving workout. +S&S Fitness, it was a great workout we did some cardio to burn off those mashed potatoes and a little toning to rev those muscles into fat burning mode. Sorry no pictures I was not in a picture taking mood. 

What did you do for Holiday Fitness ? 


This weekend just keeps going on and on I LOVE it :) 5 Mile Morning Run, Coffee with a Friend from High School @JP's Coffee and a little shopping +Downtown Holland for small business Saturday. 

I am also loving all time have been able to spend with my Golden Riley :) Plus I got to see what she does all day when we are not home. Which is napping and watching whats going on our street out the window. 

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A Day of Rest !! No work outs just Church a Walk and a good Book oh and quick family picture before Church :) @helderpark

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I am actually reading about growing hops... LOL kind of funny I know.. but we want to try and grow some hops by my parents house so we need to learn a little bit more about them.This is is what they look like when they are growing. Kind of Cool Right ? 

Don't Forget 
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