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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lovin Life


Fit by Nature was Awesome Monday Night, we met at Prospect park off 24th street in Holland and we worked out hard, lunges, squats, stairs, sprints, it was awesome. If you are in Holland and you love being outside this is the group for you we workout outside pretty much year round. 

I also did my CLX workout today which was Burn Circuit 1. Riley was there for moral support. 

Terrific Tuesday

My day started with an event at work called improving personal productivity. Oh man did I need that !! I get distracted a lot and pulled in many directions in life and at work so this was great for me. I should probably go every year just to keep me self up to date and motivated to be productive. 

Lunch time workout was Pilates with Sasha Sandor Fitness, it was a great workout even though I wasn't really feeling it today. Kind of feeling sore/fatigue not really sure what the deal is. I did kind of have a gluten binge over the weekend which could be causing some inflammation. 

On to fun topic's for the day My NEW Smart Wool socks. They are AWESOME, Gazelle sports has a sale going on right now buy 3 get 1 free, so Travis and I each got two new pairs of socks. I am loving the purple with flowers :) The Socks are kind of pricey but they are great for running, they last longer then normal socks and they don't stink when they get sweaty.

Riley and I went for a walk after work before it got dark and rainy. It was a good walk as you can tell :) don't worry she is fine she is just being dramatic and she doesn't like me taking pictures of her for some reason. 

Not the Best picture but because there was a chance of rain I wore my sweet new Under Amour Hat. 

Run Happy 

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