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Monday, November 11, 2013

Great Weekend


Friday Evening we had the Cross Country potluck, and that is always so much fun. Lot of people to talk to great food with tons of variety, and the paper plate awards which are always entertaining. The Paper plate awards are the boys give the girls awards and the girls give the boys awards... some of them silly, some of them sweet you never know what they will come up with.

After the Potluck we went out to Our Brewery, a new little brewery in here in Holland, they do not serve any food just drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own food in. We tried all the beers they had on tap and the ciders. They have lots of unique beers like coconut, coffee, and pumpkin. Personally I enjoyed the ciders more then the beers but that is just me. 


Saturday Morning was kind of windy again but we managed to get in 7-8 mile run followed by a great cup of coffee at Jp's. My sister met me after the run and we also had some breakfast at Jp's and just sat and chatted for a while. 

Saturday afternoon Shalane Flanagan was going to be a Gazelle sports-Holland and I was super excited to meet her. She is american long-distance runner who holds the American record times in the 3000 m, 5000 m, and 10,000 m. As I imagined she is a tiny little lady and super fit. I was neat to get her autograph and chat with her for a few minutes. 

I was going to ask her if she had any advice for High School Cross Country Runners who want to get faster but I forget, so later in the afternoon I tagged her in a Tweet. Not sure if she will respond but it would be kind of cool if she did. 

Great to Meet today what advise would u give HS XC runners who want to get faster


I spent the rest of my Saturday doing some healthy baking and some cleaning at home. I am pretty proud of these Gluten Free Banana Peanut butter muffins. They made a great breakfast Sunday morning. 

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