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Monday, November 18, 2013

Glow Run, Chicago and a Great Weekend

Friday Night Glow Run 

Friday evening was off to a good start with a Glow Run at GVSU with my sister :) It was awesome !! We said that we were just going to run for fun and not race at all. Well that lasted all of a few minutes into the run and we had picked it up and kind of started racing we ending up finishing 22:50 yet which was pretty good considering we said that we weren't going to Race LOL !!!

Saturday Day Trip

I was up bright and Early to get in a work out on Saturday Morning before heading out to Chicago, I was able to get some elliptical-ling and a few weights exercise's before I had to get ready to go. By 8am we were off out first stop was Carpe Latte for a nice warm/yummy cup of coffee. 

First Stop in Chicago Millennium Park  I really wanted to see the "bean" which is actually called "The Cloud" but I still think it kind of looks like a bean.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Displaying photo 3.JPG

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It was very overcast in the morning, you couldn't see the tops of the really tall buildings.

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Lunch time at the Cheese Cake Factory ... YUMMY

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Displaying photo 1.JPG

The Best Part Pumpkin Pecan Cheese CakeDisplaying photo 2.JPG

The Hershey's Chocolate Store... 2 Half Pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cups OMG!!!
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And the Giant Gummy Bear 
Travis Loves Gummy Bears so I absolutely had to bring a couple of these home for him.
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Finished out the Day a Navy Pier, which is also when it started to Rain So we had to take a cab back to the parking garage. 

You think we look like Sisters???

Sunday a Good day to Relax

Forecast for Sunday, Rain, Wind, Rain, Wind..... So we pretty much just Hung out at home most of day. We did get out for a few hours to have lunch by Travis's parents but other then that it was a good day to take a nap, and catch up on some reading and blogging ... Oh and re-reading Catching Fire before the next movie comes out this coming weekend. I am kind of super excited to see this movie. 

Do have books that have turned to Movies that are your Favorites? 

Cheers to a Happy Healthy Week to Come 

What are Your Healthy Plans for the Week ? 

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