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Friday, October 11, 2013

So Nice Out

It has been so nice outside this past week, I am just loving this weather right now. It can just stay like this for the rest of the fall right up till Christmas, I would be ok with that. 

I got this sweet New Balance Running Top from my Parents for my B-day, just had to Share, I love the Color and that it has a Handy little pocket in the back to store stuff.

Riley usually doesn't like me taking pictures of her, she always gets to close to the camera, but she didn't want to get out of the picture I was trying to take of my new outfit.

Riley and I went for a nice walk, and found some dirt hills for her to climb and play on, I snapped this picture as she was looking around to make sure I was still there. Cutest Dog Ever!!!!

Running... Well Lets Talk Running, Next weekend I am Running a 5k at GVSU with my Sister that should be fun. Since the 1/2 Marathon, I haven't been running at ton, I have been working out with Sasha Sandor Fitness doing things like circuits and Pilates. I am really loving Pilates, it is make me feel so tight and toned. 

A new Adventure for me... Well I signed up to be a Beach Body Coach..... I am just kind of trying it out to see if I like it. I love the beach body DVD's already, and I have used many of them for Love to Move MI Fit night workouts at Noordeloos CRC, so we will see where this new adventure takes me. I still want to get my NASM CPT certification as well though, and start LOVE to MOVE MI. COM wouldn't that be cool. :) 

Happy Friday 

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