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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Running Sisters

So if you have been reading my blog at all you have gathered that Running is a big part of my life, and one of my Favorite things is to run with my sister. Right now my Sister Sara is going to GVSU, she is a freshman there this year and she wants to study athletic training. Yesterday Morning I drove to Allendale to Run the GVSU homecoming 5k with her. It was a nice course and it started out nice an cool but as we neared the finish it got really cold and windy.... Oh well.. we crossed the finish the line with a pretty good time of 22:28 (7:15 Pace) we were happy with that but next time we run we really want 7 minute miles because we always seem to end up with the same times.

Photo: GVSU homecoming 5k we both won !!!!!

We did win $10 to Gazelle sports because we won our age groups, which was cool :) We also got and extra 20 to gazelle when an older gentleman came up to us and gave us his gift certificate because he said that he would never go there anyways. 

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