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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am VERY EXCITED to announce a new location for Wednesday night GROOVE and for the first time in many years, YOGA FLOW class for anyone!!

We will be getting our GROOVE on from 6:15 - 7:15pm and then Yoga Flow will stretch you out and slow you down from 7:30 - 8:30pm.  These classes will both be held at CultureWorks in Holland, MI.  This is a collaborative, non-profit art/dance studio and it is located at 710 Chicago Dr. Ste. 200.  This is in the old Kmart plaza building at WaverlyRd and Chicago Dr.  

YES, we start tomorrow night!!!

GROOVE is an authentic dance experience with very simple moves to inspiring and pumped up music that just makes you want to DANCE like no one is which they are not because we don't stand in lines and we don't play follow the leader.  Come and Dance your Heart Out on the DANCEfloor with us every week!  Cost is $5 per class.

Yoga Flow is beautifully scheduled YOU-time!!  Time to tune in and spend time taking care of your body, mind and soul!  Breathe deeply, lengthen muscles, stretch the entire body and relax all while de-stressing and getting to know yourself better!  This is a multi-level class so if you have never done class or you have, you are welcome here.  Please bring your own yoga mat to class if you have one.  Cost is $7.50 per class.

CultureWorks Punchcard for classes with Heather Winia.  There will be $50 punchcards available for purchase in which you can use for either one or both classes.  They will be punched in $2.50 increments so it will work to take both classes or just one and not have to worry about bringing cash to class each week.  

Heather S. Winia, CHHC, ACE
THEGROOVE Master Trainer, Holistic Health & Nutrition Educator
16 East Central Ave. Zeeland, MI 49464

Heather's WEEKLY GROOVE and Fit By Nature Classes:
Mondays 6:15pm -
Fit By Nature Walking & Running Groups, ,ongoing through October, 2013
Saturdays 9:00am - everyBODY GROOVE!  Community Reformed Church in Zeeland

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