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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fit By Nature Moves

So last night we had a Great Walk and Run down the beach, we worked out our legs,arms and core, the Running Group evening did some dune running to get nice and hot before dipping into the water of Lake Michigan to Cool off. It was such a Great to be at the Beach getting a Great Work out in. Thanks to Everyone who showed up to work out, I am so glad that we had the opportunity to make our bodies stronger and enjoy one the many great beaches in Michigan. 

While we we working out last night I mentioned to the ladies that some of the moves we did I had found online. I found them at Tone It Up. I Follow this Blog and I love the work out and clean eating recipes and advice, plus these ladies live and California so there beach work outs always look good. Here is a Sample of one of there workout videos, which can be found on youtube, and on their blog. 

If you Prefer they also offer a ton of printable's on there blog, so you can workout where ever you are. 


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