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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cooler Plans

When Eating Clean. Which Cooler Plan should you follow?

Wait….. What Exactly is the Cooler Plan? 
A Cooler plan is a day's worth of food strategically planned to meet your goals. Are you looking to lose weight FAST? Maybe prepare for a photo shoot/competion. Maybe you want to lose weight slow and steady.. Or You only want to maintain your current weight. Are you very overweight and new to clean eating? 
Well look no further! I have used the information found in the Eat Clean Diet book "Recharged" and made the Cooler plans easy to follow.
Cooler 1: This is intended for people who would like to see rapid results. I recommend this if you are preparing for a competition or a photo shoot. It is an intense plan that excludes many foods. Few fruits (high sugar content even though it's natural) and very little lenience. This plan is HARDCORE and should be used no longer than 1-2 months max. I personally would only recommend using this plan if you need to lose weight very quickly, or preparing for a photo shoot/competition. 

The Cooler plan 1 guidelines- Only 1 serving of fruit in the morning. 
2 servings of complex carbs from vegetables (raw or steamed) 4 times a day.
** Serving of complex carbs from veggies = 2 cupped handfuls
Only 1 serving of complex Carb from whole grains and starchy carbohydrates. Ideally this serving should be eating in the afternoon.
** Serving of complex carbs from whole grains = 1 handful
1 Serving of lean protein five times a day
** Serving of Lean protein = 1 palm size portion
Beverage- 1 gallon of water everyday. You can drink unsweetened herbal tea. 
Must Avoid- Dairy products, Juice, Bread, Salad dressings except lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, Spreads, High-Sodium Foods.

Cooler 2: This cooler can be used all year round. Fruit, bread, dairy products, and the occasional glass of wine have been added in limited amounts. This does not include eating unhealthy sugars and fats. 
This plan is perfect for slow steady weight loss. Or as a maintenance plan. This is the more rounded Plan of them all. I personally follow the cooler 2 guidelines year round.

The Cooler Plan 2 Guidelines-
6 servings of Complex Carbohydrates from fruits and veggies.
**A fruit portion = 1 cup
**A Veggie portion = 2 cupped handfuls 
2-4 portions of Complex Carbohydrates from whole grains and starchy carbohydrates. 
**A portion of bread is 1 slice
**Everything else is 1 handful
Lean Protein 6 portions a day
** A portion is 1 cup of dairy products
1 handful of nuts
2 tablespoons of Natural butters
1 palm size of meat
Beverages: 2-3 litters per day of water, Unsweetened Clear Herbal Tea, Black Coffee, Green/Black Tea.

What you must avoid:
Artifical sweetners
Unhealthy fats- butter, margarine, lard, cream, ice cream, fatty dressing, sauces, meats
Whole eggs- one may be eaten each day
White table sugar
Refined and processed foods
Junk and Fast foods
Fried Foods
Excessive Salt and Sodium
Excessive Alcohol

Cooler 3: This is the Eat Clean Baby Plan… Slow and steady. If you're having trouble beginning the lifestyle plan because of food addictions, obesity, skepticism etc. start here. Then progress to cooler 2. This cooler plan is perfect for beginners. If you are very over weight I suggest you follow this plan so that your body has time to adapt to clean eating. 
Basically in this plan you will follow Cooler 2 but you get more leniencies.
You do not have to eat a specific combination during your meals.. Just practice making healthy changes. 

Practice simple switches
 Instead of white starches- Start using whole grains.
For example. Instead of a baked potato- Choose sweet potato
                      Instead of white bread- Wheat Bread 
                      Instead of white rice/pastas - Choose brown rice/wheat pasta
Ditch White Sugar- Use Stevia, Truvia 
Ditch Table Salt- Use Sea Salt 
Ditch Hamburger meat- Cook with Turkey Meat
Ditch Canned veggies/fruits- Start using FRESH ONLY
You can used canned tomatoes for recipes- But USE NO SODIUM ONLY
Ditch White Flours when baking- Oat, Wheat are great alternatives
Ditch vegetable oil- Use olive Oil
Ditch Cow milk- Almond milk
Ditch Yogurt- And start eating Greek yogurt
Ditch lunch meats- And get non processed sliced meat from your deli
Ditch all Sodas, Juices, and sports drinks.

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