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Monday, April 1, 2013

Saturday Sunshine, Sunday Songs, Monday Wake up

Saturday Sunshine

Spring is on its way... when I wake up in the morning I can here the birds chatting and it is not that bitter cold like it was, Plus I am loving that it staying lighter later into the evening. What is great about spring ? well  flowers in bloom, warmer weather, running :) There are lots of 5ks coming up which I am super excited about and the 5/3rd is coming up. This past weekend I was able to get in a 11 mile run on Saturday and, 5/3 Training is going well. I also noticed in down down Holland that the Tulips were just starting to peak out of the ground and I cant wait to see them all in Full Bloom this spring.

Sunday Songs

Sunday Morning, Easter Morning. We went to Haven for Church and the Praise and worship was amazing that is just something about Easter and Jesus resurrection that makes the songs we sing so much more then just a song but a prayer to heaven in awe and praise to the lord. 

Sunday Morning was also a good day for a 3 mile Run and it was a good day to go for another nice walk with Riley. I cant wait for more consistent nice days. 

Photo: Happy easter

Monday Wake up

oh it is Monday again... What can ya do it always comes around every week :) Not going to let me get down but sometimes it is hard to get going.

April Schedule For Fit Night 

Her it is Hope to see many of you. 

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