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Monday, April 22, 2013

Runners For Boston

Gazelle Sports is participating with the Independent Running Retailer Association and other running stores around the nation to host a “Runners for Boston” run on Monday, April 22. We want to bring our running communities together and show support for those affected in Boston.
Wear past or present Boston Marathon gear, blue and yellow, or purchase a “Runners for Boston” shirt at the run. Shirts are $20 and 100% will go directly to The One Fund Boston Inc.
Cash or checks only.

These runs are free, no registration necessary.
See each store's Facebook event at the links below:


Hello Runners and Walkers....there is going to be a slight change in our class tomorrow based on the happenings at the Boston Marathon.  As a country we are devasted by this act and pray deeply for all those affected in various dimensions.  

I have learned about a fund raising run that is happening tomorrow night (Monday) and I thought we could just change our location and show up in our support and love for being outdoors, for running/walking and bringing aid and awareness to this issue.  

So I am changing tomorrow's class from Sanctuary Woods to downtown Holland, meeting a Gazelle's at 6:15pm....their run starts at 6:30pm, so I hope you can all make it at that time...but please come anytime it works.  The run is free and I will be donating all of your class fees for the day to the cause.  They will also be selling t-shirts for $20, all proceeds going to help Boston.  They are asking us to wear blue and yellow in honor of the Boston Marathon is the link and details.  

Please let me know if you can make it....I don't know how long the run is, but we can do anything right?!

IN summary, there is only one class tomorrow, meeting at 6:15pm...I am going to park at Centennial Park (Central and 11th) and walk over, so feel free to join me.  The run starts at 6:30pm and we will go till we go and maybe add some extra if we want to in the park!

Love to you all and enjoy the sun and Earth Day tomorrow

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